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Miss Dee is a Ghanaian affordable clothing label that was established in 2010 and a pioneer in online fashion marketing. We design and retail ready-to-wear handmade pieces that’s relevant to the style needs of today’s woman. Our aim is to be a fast-fashion brand with a swift supply chain that adjusts quickly to fashion trends. We keep our clients constantly excited with a number of new designs weekly.


The brand’s target is the contemporary African with the emphasis on the African woman who is stylish abreast with fashion trends. We’re also targeting the average stylish person anywhere in the world who loves attires infused with tribal prints,laces,crepes etc.


We have worked hard to embody in our designs values, aspirations, interests in our demographics, not only for marketing purposes but to build a Miss Dee family brand that represents who you are as a person.

Miss Dee Clothing

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